Specialist Deliverability Analysis & Optimization For Benchmark Users

SendForensics Email Deliverability Suite

Powerful deliverability optimizations ensure the highest engagement from each and every send.

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Start Analysing Immediately

On sign-up you will be provided with a unique SendForensics email Analysis Address. Within your ESP account:


Add this address to your mailing list(s) for live send data.


Send tests to this address for pre-emptive optimizations.

Note: There are additonal instructions within the SendForensics Knowledge Base for Transactional and/or Marketing-Automation setups.

Unique Featureset

Stay two-steps ahead of the game with our unique pre & post-send deliverability featureset.

Simple Integration, Powerful Results

Use your Benchmark API key to pull in live result metrics.

Troubleshoot & Optimise With Live Results

Match your deliverability data against live campaign metrics for a complete performance analysis.

Pull in live ESP data alongside your deliverability metrics
Troubleshoot, optimise and compare campaign performance with ease
Export the complete graphs and data-sets for inclusion in reports and presentations
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