Reputation Dashboard

An easier way to monitor email reputation

Poor sender reputation damages email deliverability. Keep track of how your domain and IP reputation is performing with SendForensics.

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A single view of domain and IP reputation

Unify your reputation data in one place. SendForensics integrates with Google Postmaster Tools, Microsoft SNDS, and ISP feedback loops. You'll get all the important metrics in a simple dashboard.

Domain and IP

Find blacklisted activity anywhere in your email

Monitoring your domain and IP reputation is important, but it's retroactive — so you'll only know if you've linked to a blacklisted website after your own reputation has taken a hit.

SendForensics looks for blacklist activity everywhere: sending infrastructure, button links, IPs, domains, and even where your images are hosted. We'll flag risks so you can fix them before you send emails.

Infrastructure analysis

Contextualize reputation with engagement

Better engagement means better reputation. Connect SendForensics with 20+ email sending providers to track your bounce rates, unsubscribe rates, and other engagement metrics.

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