Complete visibility into your sender reputation

Monitor blacklists for your domain and IP, track Google or Microsoft reputation, and manage reputation health in one dashboard.

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Engagement performance

Track marketing and transactional email performance with 20+ ESP integrations.

Sender reputation

Monitor key reputation metrics like spam trap hits, Google reputation, and complaint rates.

Blacklist monitor

See if your sending domain, IP address, or email’s links have been blacklisted and when.

Works with 20+ integrations (and counting)

When all email data is in one place, SendForensics becomes your team’s central hub for email deliverability.

Alerts help you respond in real time

Whether it’s blacklists, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, or general deliverability, get notified for anything that might damage email performance.


An email from on IP address has triggered a Deliverability Alert.

  • Deliverability score: 29.60%. Deliverability below threshold.
  • Sending IP on blocklist. (,
  • DKIM Configuration Issue.

What insights will your analysis show?

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