Deliverability tools to stay out of spam & boost engagement

Spend less time troubleshooting email deliverability, and more time sending emails that drive revenue.

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Stay out of spam folders with advanced deliverability analysis

Run comprehensive spam tests powered by ML and uncover potential spam triggers in your email. Never wonder why an email went to spam again.

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Focus on the big picture with
reputation dashboards

A comprehensive view of your email, domain & IP health. Track clicks, bounces, blacklists, and more without switching between tabs or manually updating spreadsheets.

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Get a 360 degree view of sender reputation and email performance

See the big picture more clearly. Spot trends, visualize performance, and understand how deliverability affects engagement.

Centralize different data sources under one platform

Connect and consolidate data from multiple sources. SendForensics integrates with Google Postmaster Tools, Microsoft SNDS, and 20+ ESPs.

Stay alert with 24/7 reputation and infrastructure monitoring

Stay on top of critical deliverability and reputation signals. Get alerted by email or Slack and resolve issues before they impact email sending.

Protect deliverability with
DMARC monitoring

Prevent attackers from impersonating your domain. Find and fix authentication issues, identify spooting attempts, and defend your sender reputation.

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DMARC compliance in minutes

Add our generated DMARC record to your DNS and achieve compliance in minutes. Then watch as global DMARC analytics populates the powerful dashboard.

Gain visibility across every domain

Automatically identify subdomains, check your DMARC record hierarchy, and secure non-sending domains with reject policies.

Prevent, detect, and respond to threats

Perform fine-grained investigations by drilling down into IP events, authentication results, geographical origin, and more.