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Real devices, not emulations

Some free preview tools test using emulations, a developer tool to mimic different browsers and devices. The nature of virtual emulations means they will never be 100% accurate.

SendForensics only tests using live devices. When you request a preview, we send your email to an actual device and screenshot it. It's more accurate, and shows you exactly how your subscribers will see your email.

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Test, then test again with unlimited previews

If you're anything like us, you probably test emails a billion times before sending them out. Beautiful, bug-free emails shouldn't incur additional fees.

Happily, SendForensics doesn't limit how many email previews you can run. Test as many times as you want.

Don't lost an email to the spam folder

Pre-send tests don't stop at client previews. Test your emails' code, content, links, and cookies with SendForensics. We handle tricky deliverability analysis part so you can focus on sending great emails.