Find out why your email is going to spam

Test, optimize, and analyze with the all-in-one deliverability platform. SendForensics helps brands and agencies reach more inboxes and drive email ROI.
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Deliverability tests powered by AI

SendForensics analyzes your email and shares optimization recommendations. Quickly optimize content, check blacklists, and fix infrastructure problems before it damages deliverability.

Find spam words, phrases, and code

See what content looks suspicious to spam filters right now, then use our recommendations to optimize them.

Uncover hidden infrastructure issues

Automatically apply rDNS tests to mail servers, clean up email headers, and examine your email’s received chain.

Detect non-compliant cookies

Cookies can cause compliance or deliverability issues. Quickly get an overview of cookies served in your email and the domains setting them.

Deep scan for blacklist activity

Advanced blacklist checks test the domain and IP address of every link, even redirected websites.

Test across inboxes and devices

Client preview and inbox placement tests are included with every SendForensics plan.

Seedlist-based inbox placement

Send your email to popular inboxes like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook and see if it’s delivered to the Primary, Promotions, or spam folder.

EmailDelivered ToSender IP
EmailDelivered ToSender IP
Preview emails on real devices

Render your email on different mobile phones, desktops, and other clients to send pixel-perfect emails every time.

What insights will your analysis show?

Send your first analysis and find out why your email has been going to spam.

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