Blacklist Checker

Prevent email crises before they happen

Protect sender reputation, monitor domain and IP blacklists, and set up useful alerts to stop deliverability problems in its tracks

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Automate blacklist detection

Automatically test your domain and IP(s) against real-time blacklists (RBLs) that impact deliverability. Set up alerts by email, Slack, or webhook to notify you when you've been blacklisted.


Diagnose and delist

Blacklisted? No problem. Each RBL has different procedures to get delisted. SendForensics offers actionable advice and instructions on how to remove your domain or IP from a blacklist.

Deliverability signals in context

Blacklist activity alone isn't enough. Deliverability works best when you have the full picture. SendForensics integrates with ESPs and Postmaster Tools to track bounce rates, complaint rates, and more — making it easier for you to find anomalies and diagnose problems.


Focus on RBLs that matter

There are thousands of blacklists online and most of them aren't widely used. SendForensics only tracks reputable RBLs known to impact deliverability, including Spamhaus and Barracuda.