Dmarc Monitoring

Protect your brand and deliverability

Identify people using your domain to send fake emails, stop spoofers, and fix authentication issues that prevent emails from reaching inboxes.

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If you haven't implemented DMARC, add one of our recommended policies to start monitoring activity. Apply stricter or more relaxed policies whenever you need.

DMARC already enforced? Then you're ready for SendForensics - just add us as a reporting address and we'll start processing.

Comprehensive analytics in a dashboard

Understanding DMARC results is a button click away. View all mail sources along with their sending domains and IP addresses from the last 180 days.

DMARC dashboard

Detailed information on every sending domain

When you need to drill down into detail, there's always specific reports. Filter emails by system, domain, subdomain, DMARC result, or SPF/DKIM result. Go as granular or high-level as you like.

DMARC detailed information

DMARC compliance on autopilot

Receive an alert on Slack, email, or webhook whenever there's an authentication failure so you can address it immediately. For everything else, there's our weekly or monthly email reports.

See everything in context

When recipients mark an email as spam, it hurts your domain reputation — and risks legitimate emails being sent to spam folders. Build a holistic view of your email health by integrating SendForensics with your ESP and Postmaster Tools.

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