Secure your organization
with DMARC

Prevent attackers hijacking your emails, while improving deliverability.

Implement DMARC in minutes

It’s easy to get started with DMARC on SendForensics.

Auto-generated, hosted records

We'll provide you with a starter DMARC record. Add it to your DNS and you're done.

Subdomain and sending system detection

Automatically identify all sending systems and subdomains sending emails as you.

Non-sending domain protection

Secure reserved or inactive domains not used to send emails.

Powerful, human-friendly analytics

Explore DMARC insights powerful enough for enterprise organizations, yet simple enough for anyone to understand.

Who's sending using my domain?

See where emails are originating from and which countries are responsible for authentication failures.

Is my domain DMARC compliant?

Get a quick overview of your domain compliance and authentication results.

How many authentication events happened today?

Analyze potential threats and dig into SPF, DKIM, and IP events.

What insights will your analysis show?

Send your first analysis and find out why your email has been going to spam.

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