A Key Ingredient For Deliverability Success: A Quality Contact List

If you're sending an email to a valid email address, SendForensics helps it get there, and get engaged with:

SendForensics Effective Area

However, no amount of optimsation will help if there is a problem with the address itself:

Problematic Address

The specific type of problem with the address will have its own specific effect on deliverability, both for current sends and future reputation:

  • Invalid/Doesn't exist --> Your email will bounce, and if you have enough of these bounces with a single destination provider (e.g. @gmail.com), they are likely to begin blocking or throttling. You may even be placed on an external blacklist too.
  • Unsubscribed/Unaware of subscription --> Your email will most likely be delivered (if your Deliverability Score is good enough), but the recipient may place it in spam which can train their filters to do so automatically in the future. Even worse, they may report it as spam, which if enough of your contacts do so can result in blacklisting and outright blocking for that provider.
  • Spamtrap/Honeypot --> These are set up by anti-spam companies to alert them to spamming. If you unwittingly send to enough of these, you will very quickly find yourself on various blacklists.

So what can be done?

In these days of the GDPR and other regulations, one has to be very careful when handling contacts and subscription data. Ideally, a quality list accumulates from double-optin subscription practices, constant cultivation of engaged subscribers, and culling of the unresponsive.

However, in the real world this is not always possible. So, if you're seeing a high Deliverability Score but there are still problems with specific providers, we would suggest taking a very careful look at your existing subscriber list(s), potentially running it through a verification process if necessary.

Running your contact list(s) through an email verification service can help automatically validate unknown addresses, correct typos and remove spamtraps. There are many to choose from and results may vary, but here are a couple of the more popular providers: