Spam Analyzer

Everything you need to know before you hit send

Optimize email content based on trends, detect blacklist activity, and run infrastructure tests.

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Uncover spam-triggering copy

Find words and phrases that correlate to lower email deliverability and engagement, leaving the complicated math to us. Test emails against current spam patterns and optimize deliverability odds. Why use a simple list of “bad words” when you can compare against actual, live data?

Spam analyzer

Blacklist detection in a snap

Just because a sending domain or IP isn't on a blacklist doesn't mean the rest of your email isn't. SendForensics tests everything in your email for blacklist activity — from button links to where your images are hosted.

Blacklist detection

Optimize code and layouts for deliverability

Empty HTML tags, image versus text ratios, and odd markup can all be spam signals. You don't have to spend time reviewing source code — SendForensics surfaces potential issues in a simple list.

Optimize code and layouts

Infrastructure audits made simpler

Scan for anomalies in your email headers. Review SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records. Make sure your email isn't hopping unnecessarily with a server trace. All this automated and without ever leaving SendForensics.

Infrastructure audits

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