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When you shouldnt value your customers

Published by: Gen Yeep

Lest you get the wrong idea that we don't love our customers (on the contrary we love them a lot and always welcome more!) - today's article is an interesting recount of an analysis we did for one of them, a global IT giant.

Do Safe Sender Lists Help?

Published by: Les Hatton

You have probably noticed that bulk mail senders often include instructions to add their message to your Safe Senders List in order to bypass future checks. Is this a good idea? Well no, unfortunately.

Sender Policy Framework: SPF records and deliverability

Published by: Leo Hatton

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is an email validation system which uses bonded sender technology built into the Internet Domain Name System (DNS) to verify that an email has indeed come from an allowed server. It's one of the best known of the sender verification methods, which were developed in defense against the dark arts.

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