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What Do Elephants And Spam-Filters Have In Common?

Published by: Leo Hatton


The old adage "an elephant never forgets" contains more of an element of truth to it than you might expect. Never is a strong word, but scientists have nevertheless discovered an incredible capacity for memory in these marvellous pachyderms. So what's with the ridiculous title?

The SendForensics Purity Index

Published by: Leo Hatton

Purity Index

This company was built around the idea that spam, scams and phishing attacks could be greatly reduced if all legitimate senders sent the high-quality email they are quite-easily capable of (see Protect Your Customers). But what is 'quality' in email terms? There isn't a simple answer..

Press Release: SendForensics Launches Purity Index for Email Quality-Assurance Solutions

Published by: Gen Yeep

Singapore – February 21, 2017 – SendForensics, a global provider of email deliverability and quality-assurance solutions, has today released its new Purity Index. The new metric complements their existing Deliverability Score, providing a complete quality-assurance analysis for email.

Protect Your Customers: Send Better Email #helpthefilters

Published by: Leo Hatton

Wolf in sheep's clothing

The sophistication of email scams and phishing attacks reached new levels in 2016. With that trend set to continue in 2017, what can you do as a sender to improve the odds for your customers?

SendForensics Deliverability Optimisation: All About The Data

Published by: Leo Hatton

Boost unique clicks by up to 250%.  Reduce complaints by up to 400%.

Bold claims. I think we need to look at some data..

Email Innovations Summit, Las Vegas 2016: Come and see us 18-19 May!

Published by: Leo Hatton

Email Innovations Summit

We're very proud to be a sponsor of the inaugural Email Innovations Summit next week! Come talk to us and others as we explore the boundaries of email marketing technology..

Inbox Placement: The Missing Metric

Published by: Leo Hatton

Delivery Rate, Open Rate, Click-Through-Rate et al. Rather variable in accuracy individually, but powerful assets when used in combination (and their individual limitations understood). But are they enough..?

Inbox Placement Seed Testing: Frontline Insight or False Hope?

Published by: Leo Hatton

Having been somewhat critical of ISP seed testing for most of our history, today we released our own version of this controversial practice. I believe some explanation is called-for.

Do Domain Names Affect Deliverability?

Published by: Leo Hatton

Got a business idea? Thought of a name yet? Okay, let’s check the domain name, hopefully it's avail.. taken. Not to worry, let’s do a subtle varia.. taken. Perhaps the alternative spell.. aaaand it’s taken.

Small wonder we have startups calling themselves Yoose, Qeeple, Ubooly and suchlike.

Well, to add to the numerous considerations when choosing a domain name for your business, or simply a sub-domain for your outbound email marketing activities; here’s another one (sorry).

The Perfect Unsolicited Email?

Published by: Leo Hatton

A short time ago our research partner in the UK received, as businesses do from time to time, an unsolicited commercial email (UCE). Now whilst legal in the UK, UCE does fall into a grey area in terms of classification. After all, one person’s spam is another person’s ham..

Semantics aside, this particular example caught our eye for its near-perfect deliverability. For our own research purposes, we naturally process every email that reaches our doors and this one registered a 97.38% deliverability score.

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