Monitor your ESP network & integrate whitelabelled deliverability tools

Enhance your ESP by embedding deliverability tests, reputation tracking, inbox placement insights, and more.

Safeguard your entire network with continous monitoring

Prevent abuse across your IPs, domains, and MTAs. Spend less time cycling IPs or lobbying ISPs.

Identify customers using your system for abuse

Scan every message leaving your system to help detect and prevent abuse even before it impacts your business. THe Purity Score is trained on thousands of signals across the SendForensics network.

Get protections personalized to you

Our machine learning infrastructure quickly adapts to shifting abuse patterns and to your business. Precisely identify and prevent fraud without blocking legitimate senders.

Monitor DMARC compliance for every customer

Full DMARC RUA processing is included for your entire network Diagnose misconfigurations and uncover external threats to your customers.

Make deliverability tools part of your offering

Integrated deliverability can drive growth, boost user engagement, and add new revenue streams on top of subscriptions. SendForensics' whitelabelled deliverability tools is the fastests way to add these to your platform.

Generate new revenue streams

Add new revenue streams on top of your existing plans by monetising deliverability tests. Branded deliverability tools keeps customers engaged and differentiates your ESP from your competitors.

Create a one-stop destination

Let customers manage all aspects of their email deliverability on your platform. Maintain control of your customer’s experience across the SendForensics UI with custom CSS.

Reduce development costs

Stay focused on your core competencies and save developer time. Just style SendForensics with your branding to serve your customers a whitelabelled experience.