The science behind the send

SendForensics was born out of Oakwood Computing Associates, a company with a unique scientific pedigree in forensic fault analysis for mission-critical systems. Formed in 1986, the parent company’s mathematicians and engineers have worked on auditing code and identifying faults in critical systems across a wide range of industries including advanced avionics, F1 engine management systems, and space exploration programs to name a few.

Why does this matter?

The same algorithms and processes developed to identify the forensic signature of faults in these complex systems, can be used to identify the forensic signature, or ’fingerprint’, of spam emails. The global standard for excellence in manufacturing processes is the 6-sigma standard which, including process drift, corresponds to less than 4 mistakes per million. Sendforensics systems operate extremely close to this level in categorizing emails, which is several hundred times more precise than the leading commercial spam-filtering systems.

We use this precision to optimize the emails our clients send, so that their legitimate emails comply with accepted standards and display a forensic signature as far-removed as possible from a spam email signature. This enables safe-passage as genuine email through even the strictest filtering systems at ALL levels (ISP, ESP, corporate/user clients etc). Straight to the desired inbox.