Do I want to engage with this email

This is the fundamental question being asked by filtering-systems and human recipients everyday.

So what determines a "Yes"?


Automated Analysis

based on

Email Content
Prior Engagement History
Sending Infrastructure/Reputation


'Feeling' or Appeal

based on

Email Content
Prior Engagement History

and there are complex relationships between them:

         Content                  Engagement



So how do I increase the chance of a "Yes"?

[ Content + Sending Infrastructure/Reputation ] = Engagement

SendForensics systems are powered by a unique Email Engagement Engine™. This proprietary technology can identify the specific components of an email that will determine its performance BEFORE a campaign is sent. The resultant Email Deliverability score, if kept high enough in the recommended sweet-spot, raises a successful delivery to the inbox AND the attention of a human on arrival.

SendForensics optimisations influence both decision points

More opens. More clicks. Less complaints.

And what of security and trust?

If your customer are used to receiving only the highest-quality emails from your company, their filtering-systems will be far better calibrated to sniff out the subtle differences when a sophisticated phishing attacks comes along. If they've been artifically whitelisting poor-quality emails the whole time, they haven't a hope.

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