Enterprise Sender Assurance For Enterprise Security

Stop Email Impersonation Of Your Brand

Unique technology stops phishing emails pretending to be ‘from’ your organisation reaching customers, employees, partners and the supply-chain.

Brand protection outside the network

SendForensics Enterprise Sender Assurance™ reaches out beyond your perimeters to shut-down brand-impersonating phishing emails outside your networks.

Reveals emails sent worldwide pretending to be from your organisation, complete with exposure levels, legitimate channels, and other forensic threat data.
Hardens legitimate email against counterfeiting, retraining global defensive systems to render future email impersonation attempts undeliverable.

Without relying on DMARC?

Yes. DMARC, while a useful and recommended additional authentication, is not the silver-bullet to end all email spoofing.
Its protection currently has the following limitations:

Has no effect on email sent from other domains

Only works for direct domain spoofs where the sending address contains an exact copy of an organisational domain. Bypassed by copycat domains etc.

Has no effect if not setup on the receiving server

Only around 65% of global receiving servers are setup for DMARC. Furthermore, its distribution is not geographically averaged e.g. less prevalent in Asia.

Has no effect in cases of BEC (business email compromise)

Hijacking a legitimate business email account and sending from its fully-authenticated infrastructure renders DMARC irrelevant.

Comes with a very real risk of losing legitimate email

Complicated to implement properly across an organisation with multiple email-sending systems and multiple domain properties.

SendForensics ESA raises the quality of all legitimate mail sent by analysing and removing the faults from an organisation's outbound email output. This forceably widens the forensic gap between legitimate and illegitimate email to the point where organisational emails become effectively un-spoofable, giving receiving filtering systems the tailored training they need. This empowers global receiving systems with the ability to recognise even subtle differences between real and counterfeit; with or without DMARC.

Why is email quality so important for security?

If your customers, partners and suppliers are used to receiving only the highest-quality emails from your company, their filtering-systems will be far better calibrated to sniff out the subtle differences when a sophisticated phishing attack comes along. If they've been artificially 'whitelisting' poor-quality emails the whole time, they haven't a hope.

And it's not just about security

Higher Engagement Across All Channels

Raising the quality of all outgoing emails also has an immediate effect on the deliverability of those emails. Each email has a far greater chance of reaching the inbox of the recipient, rather than being lost to the spam folder or rejected entirely. That’s excellent news for your sales & marketing channels.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

New regulatory frameworks such as GDPR are placing far heavier scrutiny on the sanctity of personal data. Larger organisations can be unaware of exactly what is sent with their email and how it can compromise compliance policies. As part of the quality-assurance process, SendForensics systems identify potential infractions and the necessary steps for resolution. Read more about email content compliance for GDPR.


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