Enterprise Deliverability Control For Email Service Providers

Deliver Quality, With Security

Enterprise Deliverability Control (EDC) dashboard

Complete Email Quality Assurance For Service Providers


Realtime Deliverability analysis for outgoing email coupled with comprehensive analytics, unique AI-driven insights, and a powerful API. Visibility and control, system-wide.


Prevent abuse BEFORE it leaves the system. Clueless users, intentional abusers, infected machines & hijacked relays all pre-emptively blocked, without risking your reputation.

For Your Systems

Enterprise Deliverability Control (EDC) dashboard

Unique Network Deliverability & Security Management

Monitor your entire infrastructure for IP quality, domain reputation, abuse, compliance and more - in REALTIME. Create pre-emptive rules for network optimisation and management with our comprehensive API, and ensure only the highest quality mailings leave your system.

For Your Teams

Email Deliverability Suite (EDS) Bolt-on

Customer/Internal-stakeholder Performance Analysis

Provide your customer-support/account-servicing teams with quick access to the deliverability analysis for any email going through your system. A simple network search pulls the required domain into the intuitive interface of our Email Deliverability Suite for easy troubleshooting.

Built-in Deliverability Testing

Offer customers unique pre-emptive deliverability-testing, seamlessly within your platform. Or run in the background to pre-emptively analyse every send. The full power of the SendForensics Email Deliverability Suite, distilled over API.

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