Enterprise Deliverability Control For Volume Senders / ESPs

Deliver Quality, With Security

Enterprise Deliverability Control (EDC) dashboard

Complete Email Quality Assurance For Organisations


Realtime Deliverability analysis for outgoing email coupled with comprehensive analytics, unique AI-driven insights, and a powerful API. Visibility and control, system-wide.


Prevent abuse BEFORE it leaves the system. Clueless users, intentional abusers, infected machines & hijacked relays all pre-emptively blocked, without risking your reputation.

For Your Systems

Enterprise Deliverability Control (EDC) dashboard

Unique Network Deliverability & Security Management

Monitor your entire infrastructure for IP quality, domain reputation, abuse, compliance and more - in REALTIME. Create pre-emptive rules for network optimisation and management with our comprehensive API, and ensure only the highest quality mailings leave your system.

For Your Teams

Email Deliverability Suite (EDS) Bolt-on

Customer/Internal-stakeholder Performance Analysis

Provide your customer-support/account-servicing teams with quick access to the deliverability analysis for any email going through your system. A simple network search pulls the required domain into the intuitive interface of our Email Deliverability Suite for easy troubleshooting.

Built-in Deliverability Testing

Offer customers unique pre-emptive deliverability-testing, seamlessly within your platform. Or run in the background to pre-emptively analyse every send. The full power of the SendForensics Email Deliverability Suite, distilled over API.

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