DMARC monitoring made simpler

Setting up DMARC policies won’t help unless you keep track of it. Set up your domain monitoring, get DMARC reports emailed to you regularly, and get back to more interesting work.

Sending Reputation

Find and fix authentication errors

Investigate SPF and DKIM issues that cause DMARC failures. It’s a win-win: prevent bad actors from spoofing your domain, and increase email deliverability while you’re at it.

Daily Trend

Without SendForensics you would have to use several other tools to be able to view all the information, and it would be much harder to do any real analysis of your 'email health'.

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Check your sending infrastructure

Are your email headers and received chain servers clean and correctly configured? We’ll test that for you. We’ll also check received routes, so you can see if emails are “hopping” unneccessarily.

Server Trace

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Analyze your domain and IP reputation

Stay on top of domain and IP sender reputation with all the metrics you need: complaint rates, spam trap hits, delivery errors, DMARC failure rates, and mailserver quality.

Using a dedicated IP? We also provide Microsoft SNDS and feedback loops (FBL) for you.

IP Volume Sending Domain Compliance rate
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