See how your email displays in the inbox

How does your email look on Gmail mobile? What about Outlook web, or even AOL? SendForensics’ email previews will test how your email looks on major email clients, even on dark mode.

Check for problematic words or phrases

Spam filters are constantly evolving. What works today might not work tomorrow. We analyze your email against current deliverability trends to highlight red flags correlated with poor deliverability.

Subject Line
  • Virtual
  • Office
  • for
  • Slack
Body Content
  • fix
  • casually
  • private
  • communication
Problematic Phrases
Location Phrases
Text Portion and employees can see when folks are talking in each room and join with a click

You guys are among the very few people (most of them with grey hair) I know who actually understand emails! Well done.

Danny Soong
Assistant Director

Test inbox placement with seed lists

Find out if your emails are landing in inboxes, spam folders, or promotion and update tabs. We track all major email clients and report placement results in real-time.

To Inbox

54 (91.52%)

To Spam

5 (8.47%)

Not Delivered

0 (0%)

Monitor and stay off blacklists (RBLs)

Find out if your domain or IP address is listed on a real-time blacklist. SendForensics automatically checks RBLs whenever you send an email, or run a manual lookup anytime.


Blacklist Chart
IP Address
RBL Icon
IP Address
RBL Icon

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