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Deliverability / Placement Data
Optimise Measure

The Missing Metric

Not to be confused with Delivery Rate, the SendForensics Deliverability Score is a unique, predictive modelling of an email's ability to reach any given inbox. To put it simply, it is a measure of an email's 'quality' in terms of how it will be perceived by global filtering-systems/ISPs and even human recipients themselves. Truly the Missing Metric.

Recommendation Widget

Detailed Content Analysis & Optimisation

Refine Your Brand Lexicon

Our upgraded vocabulary feature now includes a custom built advanced reference engine. Words of concern are identified and displayed together with recommended alternatives for improved deliverability. Our recommendation widget is built with an intelligent gauging system to ensure that suggested terms, when substituted, will result in a higher overall deliverability score for your campaign.

Comprehensive Infrastructure Auditing

Comprehensive Infrastructure Auditing

Test your sending infrastructure is clean, compliant, authenticated, and up to date with all the latest deliverability-enhancing developments.

MTA/IP Reputation
Forward/Reverse DNS & Received-chain Validation
SPF, DKIM, & DMARC Authentication
Received-route Analysis
DMARC Processing & Compliance
Optimise Measure

DMARC Compliance, Report-Processing & Analytics

The DMARC authentication protocol has come of age and can be used to provide insights into previously inexplicable deliverability issues (as well as its primary security benefits). SendForensics Email Deliverability Suite guides the setup of DMARC compliance for your sending sub-domains, before diving into DMARC reporting data to reveal organisation-wide performance and external domain abuse.

Optimise Measure

Live Inbox Placement Testing

Send to real inboxes at 30+ global providers to help identify issues with specific ISPs. Combining our advanced statistical models with actual live placement testing in this way can uncover exclusive insights into all areas of deliverability. Find out not just when, but why your campaigns falter at common providers' doors. All BEFORE you send live.

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ISP Inbox Placement Testing
Client Preview Testing

Integrated Email Client Preview Testing

Protect Your Engagement & Future Deliverability

If you're sending email that doesn't render properly, both engagement now and deliverability in the future can suffer. All it takes is a quick glance across our Client Preview Testing screenshots to pre-empt any potential issues.

Blacklist & Whitelist Monitoring
Optimise Measure

Advanced Blacklist & Whitelist Reputation Monitoring

Not just IPs

Not to be confused with simple sending IP blacklist monitoring, SendForensics systems analyse and report on all RBL/RWL activity anywhere in the sending-infrastructure, IPs, Domains, email content (including links); anything that can impact deliverability. If you're including links to partners that have themselves become blacklisted, impacting your own sends - you'll know. BEFORE you risk your reputation.

ISP Reputation Monitoring

ISP Reputation Monitoring

ISP Feedback Loop Data

SendForensics systems warn you how your email will be received BEFORE you send it. Tap into ISP Feedback Loop* data to see the after-effects of sending by number and distribution of spam complaints.

*requires a dedicated IP
Deliverability Alerts
Optimise Measure

Reputation-Saving Deliverability Alerts

Whether you need to monitor high-volume transactionals or marketing-automation workflows, SendForensics Deliverability Alerts will inform you the moment something changes for the worse. It doesn't take much to ruin a high-sending reputation - take out some insurance and set some alerts.

ESP Plugins

ESP Plugins

Troubleshoot & Optimise With Live Results

View and download your deliverability data for inclusion in reports and spreadsheets.. or go one better and pull in your actual campaign results directly from a supported Email Service Provider (see list below). Empower yourself with the Missing Metric for a complete campaign performance analysis.

Add Engagement Data Directly With Supported ESP Plugins

Your ESP not listed? Let us know which plugins you'd like to see next!

Please note: SendForensics is an independent deliverability company and the provision of these plugins in no way implies an endorsement of any particular ESP over another, nor does it imply endorsement of SendForensics by the ESP. These plugins are provided for the convenience of our users under the terms and conditions of the respective ESP integration/api agreements.