Enterprise Deliverability Control For Email Service Providers


Transparent Pricing, Monthly Billing, No Lengthy Contracts

399 /
per calender month
  Network Deliverability Management
  Bolt-on & Reseller Breakout Pages
  Includes up to 50 Active Sending Domain
  Unlimited IP
Optional Extras: Unlimited Client Preview Testing for Breakout Pages at an additional $299 per calendar month (flat fee), which can be activated in-account at any time. Contact us for details on custom hosting options such as our Regional Compliance Hosting (e.g. self-contained within EU or US borders).

Can I cover my entire network?

Yes, with cost-effective tiering for even the largest sending-networks

Resell, Recoup And Profit

Reselling the Breakout Page to your users is a great way to increase your revenue, pay for the solution, and turn a profit. At a cost of a dollar or less per user per month to provide unlimited pre-emptive deliverability testing for their precious campaigns, even a modest charge levied on their account will generate income and offer real value to the user.