When you shouldn't value your customers


Lest you get the wrong idea that we don't love our customers (on the contrary we love them a lot and always welcome more!) - today's article is an interesting recount of an analysis we did for one of them, a global IT giant.

This company has a very well established and strong sending infrastructure, and needed very little change to their core configurations. They had also done a marvelous job in keeping their servers out of trouble, even using a deliverability whitelisting service to manage their server reputation.

However, in one of their test emails, they began registering a 12% wastage from the content. Specifically, their use of certain vocabulary was causing them to lose out on delivering about 4% of emails to valid subscribers. The main "Offending" word - as it turned out for that particular snapshot in time - was none other than the seemingly innocent word "Valued", used as a default greeting in "Dear Valued Customer" in lieu of "Dear (First Name)" should the field for First Name be blank.

This word does not even show up in the email copy if a subscriber is addressed by his First Name and yet, unknowingly, when the server could not find a first name, the resultant default would actively be impeding the email from getting through to more subscribers.

We are glad to have picked this anomaly up, and helped boost the delivery of an otherwise well crafted and designed email!