Singapore, 6 July 2017 – SendForensics, a global provider of email quality assurance solutions launches Enterprise Sender Assurance™ (ESA) to protect companies’ customers and employees from spoofed phishing attacks. Together with its existing deliverability & compliance solutions for marketers, agencies and service-providers, this adds a dedicated, security-focussed platform to the SendForensics product offering.

Enterprise Sender Assurance™ (ESA) uses next-generation technology to pre-emptively remove the ability of spoofed phishing attacks to reach their targets.

“Defensive systems are struggling in the face of ever-more sophisticated attacks.” explains Alan John, SendForensics CTO. “So we tackle the problem uniquely on the sender-side, by widening the forensic gap between legitimate and illegitimate email. This in turn restores the efficacy of the defensive systems allowing them to differentiate between good and bad once again.”

The solution is tailored to high-trust industries where sensitive information is most at stake, such as financial & professional services, healthcare, telecommunications and government.

“It should never be left to a customer or employee to identify a spoofed phishing attack, no matter how well technically-educated.” says SendForensics CEO, Leo Hatton. “ESA gives companies the power to protect their customers, employees and brand by rendering these phishing attacks undeliverable at send, so they can no longer even reach their intended recipients.”

About SendForensics:

Headquartered in Singapore, SendForensics is a global provider of advanced email analysis and quality-assurance solutions for marketing, compliance and security applications. Trusted by responsible senders worldwide.