Singapore – February 21, 2017 – SendForensics, a global provider of email deliverability and quality-assurance solutions, has today released its new Purity Index. The new metric complements their existing Deliverability Score, providing a complete quality-assurance analysis for email.

“We started with a Deliverability scoring system for email with the goal of putting a measurable, pre-emptive metric into the hands of marketers” explains SendForensics CEO Leo Hatton. “Now we’re very pleased to provide our Enterprise senders with a second, complementary, security-focused analysis; effectively a legitimacy score for assessing which emails should and shouldn’t be allowed to leave a network.”

This ‘legitimacy’ score is effective at identifying the advanced scams and phishing attacks that take advantage of a high-quality sending-system to send otherwise pristine-looking emails. These can register very highly deliverability-wise, but contain a nefarious payload nonetheless.

“Looking after a high-volume sending network comes with a number of challenges, especially when it’s provisioned for external users” continues Alan John, CTO. “The new Purity Index will allow the blocking of abuse before it can be sent, even if the email is highly deliverable.”

The Purity Index is now an integral part of Enterprise Deliverability Control (EDC), the complete network monitoring and management system for Email Service Providers, ISPs, and high-volume sending corporations.

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