About Us

Massive R&D, a little TLC

SendForensics is dedicated to the study of email quality. Improving the quality of sends increases the chance an email has of reaching its intended inbox, without being lost to spam. All well and good for marketers and their customers everywhere.

However, the company's ultimate motivation is the elimination of spam and phishing-attacks worldwide by improving the quality of all legitimate mail sent. If every legitimate company sent the quality email they are capable of, not only would a greater engagement & response be seen, but anti-spam technology would find it easier to distinguish the good from the bad, and the bad would eventually be squeezed out. All well and good for everyone everywhere.

The company's unique background has led to the development of new types of email deliverability, compliance and security systems; the first to offer truly quantifiable analysis, pre-emptive optimisation, and true protection in this complex research area.

The Management

Leo Hatton

Leo Hatton CISSP, Co-founder & CEO, SendForensics

As CEO and Co-founder of SendForensics, Leo co-created the company’s unique solutions in forensic fault-analysis for email security and deliverability applications. He overseas the overall research and development direction of the company, as well as strategic and commercial aspects. His passion lies in realising the true potential of the last truly open, instant, global communication system: Email.

Alan John

Alan John Co-founder & CTO, SendForensics

Drawing from his extensive industrial experience implementing a wide range of technologies across multiple sectors, from bleeding-edge mobile technologies to advanced machine learning systems, Alan now heads up SendForensics’ Singapore-based development team. He is also the chief architect of the high-workload, high-availability infrastructure that supports the core forensic engines’ heavy processing needs.

Genevieve Yeep

Genevieve Yeep Co-founder & Advisor

’Lead-Gen’, as she is affectionately known at SendForensics, has extensive experience in high-level online marketing roles for some of the largest technology companies in the world. Sun Microsystems, Netscape, Apple, IBM and, most recently, SAP have all benefitted from her talents. Her exceptional knowledge of the Asia-Pacific region has helped bring SendForensics to some of the fastest-growing markets on the planet.

Prof. Les Hatton

Prof. Les Hatton Chief Scientific Advisor

With over 20 letters after his name*, Professor Hatton holds a number of degrees ranging from mathematics to plasma astrophysics to IT law. In the course of his career, he has pioneered award-winning research into computational geophysics and achieved major-breakthroughs in forensic fault-analysis for mission-critical systems. When not shaping SendForensics algorithms, he co-edits the popular Impact series in IEEE Software.
*BA MSc Ph.D MA (Cantab) ALCM C.Eng LL.M.

| www.leshattong.org ( warning: scientist's website.. )